Obec Lelekovice
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The village of Lelekovice covers 729 hectares at an average altitude of 312 m above sea level.

Its location near Brno and within easy reach of nature makes it an ideal place to live and recreate.

There are more than 1,936 people registered for permanent residence in the village, mostly living in family houses, of which there are more than 650 in the village. 


The village has a kindergarten and a primary school for the first grade.
The branch of the Czech Post is located in the building of the municipal office. There is no ATM, which is in the nearby Globus shopping centre or in Kuřim.

There are two convenience stores, a butcher, several restaurants and a hotel.

There is a rainwater sewage system in the village, wastewater sewage system in most of the area, and the village operates its own wastewater treatment plant.
The village is gasified and there is a water supply system. 
Lelekovice is supplied from the municipal water supply.



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